A Strategic Vision for the Future

The Jsilva Group is a solid portuguese business Group with a strong industrial focus which currently has an important international presence.

Founded in 1959, the Group is present in several sectors of activity, positioning itself as a reference supplier at a national and international level offering a wide range of products and services: from the agro-food, agricultural and livestock industries to the ornamental stone and real estate sectors.
It’s recognized the importance of the existence of an organizational culture based on principles of social responsibility, promoting the integration of social and environmental concerns in all interventions and management strategies.
Joaquim Manuel da Silva



Based on the experience and knowledge accumulated in Portugal, the Jsilva Group pretends to be a reference group in Africa and the Middle East in the areas of Animal Nutrition and Ornamental Stones.


Constantly develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers and partners, focusing on accuracy, quality and a highly qualified team.


The Jsilva Group believes that leadership is based on posture and behaviour. It’s our belief that to be successful over the time it is essential to create value for all partners and create value in society.

Organizational Chart