It’s our belief that to be successful over the time, it’s essential to create value for our partners while we create value in society.
Our Commitment

In the Jsilva Group, we believe that leadership is based on posture and behaviour. It is our belief that to be successful over the time is essential to create value for our partners, while we create value in society. To prosper we must have a long-term vision framed by a serious set of principles and values based on respect for the people, for the environment and for the world we live in.

With this awareness and conducted by the principles of sustainable growth we recognize that it is essential to have an organizational culture based on principles of social responsibility, promoting the integration of social and environmental concerns in our interventions and management strategies. These are the principles that guarantee the viability and the success of our organization as well as the communities where we are inserted.

In this way, the Jsilva Group implements several initiatives with the aim of promoting, with all employees, a culture of good practices of social responsibility, based on values such as ethics, equality and respect, collaboration, entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity and the passion for knowledge and personal evolution. All these are values that raise not only the internal professional environment, but also the interaction between company, employees and the community in general, creating value and building a sustainable future for all.

Aware that customers are becoming more attentive to the actions taken by the organizations, the Jsilva Group gives special importance to the policies that promote sustainable development. Not neglecting also, the importance of the environmental component in all phases of the processes of production, transformation and distribution of its products.

Social Responsibility Objectives:

- Generation of value based on the best international practices:
   • Create value in the perspective of the shareholder/administration and society in general;
  • Organizational culture based on quality, rigor and customer orientation;
  • Increase productivity and efficiency of the processes with the aim of achieving high levels of operational performance in line with best international and market practices.

- Environment:
  • Reduce the consumption of natural resources and increase the efficiency of its use (do more with less);
  • Constant research for solutions that promote the reduction of waste and consumables used;
  • Minimization of the environmental impact of Jsilva Group activities.

- Innovation:
  • Strong incentive to innovation as a key factor for development and improvement of the competitiveness;
  • Diversification and creation of new business opportunities;

- Ethic, Integrity and Respect:
 • Compliance with ethical criteria in the promotion of values, culture and management model of Jsilva Group;
 • Acting transparently and honestly;
 • Respect for the Human Being: it’s in him where are found the fundamental skills for the growth and evolution of the organization;
• Respect for animals: our actions are directed for the welfare, balance and physical and mental health of the animals;

- Human Capital Management:
  • Our focus is the people;
  • Stimulation and maintenance of a healthy and balanced professional and personal environment;
  • Preservation of cohesion between the teams;
  • Creation of motivating work conditions;
  • Valuation of employment and career progression, promoting the acquisition of skills through continuous training;
  • Development and implementation of measures that support and promote excellence and merit;
  • Orientating to the talent of professionals with high performance;
  • Ensure the highest standards of environment, hygiene, health and safety at work;
• Adoption of non-discriminatory recruitment and selection practices that promote equal opportunities;